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Agent: Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE)
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Title:Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE)
As the DoD Executive Agent, the Secretary of the Air Force is responsible for coordinating entertainment within the Department of Defense shall administer the Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) program, designating and staffing an appropriate organizational element within the Department of the Air Force as the AFE office.  AFE provides live, professional entertainment for U.S. Armed Forces personnel and their family members stationed overseas.
Date Assigned:5/3/1996
DoD Component:Air Force
Expiration Date:None
Joint Staff Function:J-4 Logistics
Principal Staff Assistant (PSA):Pers & Read
Agency:Headquarters Air Force
Executive Agency POC:Colonel Anthony Lanuzo, 240-612-4906, anthony.lanuzo.mil@mail.mil
Office:Deputy Chief of Staff Manpower, Personnel and Services (HAF/A1ST)
Primary Document:
DoDD 1000.26E, "Support for Non-Federal Entities Authorized to Operate on DoD Installations"
Primary Document Location: http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/100026p.pdf
Primary Document Date:2/2/2007
Secondary Documents:
AFI 34-126(I), "Armed Forces Entertainment Program"
Secondary Documents Location: http://www.af.mil/shared/media/epubs/AFI34-126(I).pdf
Secondary Document Date:2/28/2005
DoD Component POC:Mr. John Siegner, john.j.siegner.civ@mail.mil
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