Biological Select Agent and Toxin (BSAT) Biosafety and Biosecurity Program

As the DoD Executive Agent, the Secretary of the Army is responsible for the technical review, inspection, and harmonization of the biosafety protocols and procedures across DoD laboratories that handle Biological Select Agent and Toxin (BSAT), and has tasking authority of all DoD components for this purpose. Establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for the DoD BSAT Security Program established in DoD Instruction 5210.88 and for meeting the safety standards for microbiological and biomedical laboratories prescribed in DoD 6055.18-M.
Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (USD(A&S))
Army Office of the Surgeon General
Ms. Evelyn J. Perez,, Mr. Lionel West,
(FOUO) DepSecDef Memo: "Implementation of the Recommendations in the Comprehensive Review Report (...)" (Jul 23, 2015)
DoDD 5101.20E "DoD Biological Select Agents and Toxins (BSAT) Biosafety and Biosecurity Program"
DoD EA for BSAT Biosecurity (2017)
03/19/02024 02:10 PM