Common Data Link (CDL)

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Common Data Link (CDL)
As the DoD Executive Agent, the Secretary of the Air Force is responsible for Common Data Link (CDL) Research and Development. CDL provides the Congressionally and DoD mandated standard for interoperable, multi-service, multi-agency, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) data links for 20, 000+ DoD manned/unmanned airborne and ground platforms. As the DoD EA, the Air Force is responsible for cross-service application of CDL RDT&E Joint Military Intelligence Program (JMIP) funds facilitating compliance to Congressional and DoD mandates. The DoD EA develops, modifies, distributes, and maintains specifications for the CDL waveform family; ensuring design configuration control, commonality, and interoperability among ISR platforms. Additionally, funds support managing resources allocated for development, maturation, and migration of CDL technologies, test and certification procedures, and technology insertion roadmaps. The DoD EA’s research and development activities support a broad swath of tactical, operational, and strategic ISR users and include achieving higher data rates, multi-access and multi-node network management, crypto modernization, advancements needed to operate in contested environments, terminal and antenna design enhancements, operations in other spectral bands, and improving spectrum efficiency. DoD EA activities also include studies and analysis to support current and future requirements documentation, program planning and execution. In sum, DoD EA efforts increase industrial competition, provide interoperable ISR data link standards for use across the DoD, and reduce non-recurring engineering and life-cycle costs of Service-level CDL equipment procurements.
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Air Force
Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (USD(A&S))
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Mr. Milton Prell, (571) 256-0107 (office),; OSD PSA POC: Mr. Norm Yarbrough (OSD A&S), 571-372-4970 (office),
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