Cyber Training Ranges

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Cyber Training Ranges
The DoD EA for Cyber Training Ranges will develop, coordinate, and integrate plans to synchronize activities across the designated cyber training ranges and establish appropriate training infrastructure architectures and standards in order to provide a cohesive set of training resources (e.g. facilities, capabilities, and workforce) needed to ensure that DoD has a realistic, scalable, and persistent cyber range architecture. This architecture will improve the readiness of the cyber workforce by providing the capability to train and mission-rehearse consistently. A federated set of cyber training range capabilities that are developed, funded, owned and operated by DoD Components is envisioned. The DoD EA will have appropriate authorities and resourcing partners with DoD Components to evolve existing capabilities to achieve this cohesive vision. Ranges are dual-purpose and serve a multitude of stakeholders; therefore, the DoD EA for Cyber Training Ranges will coordinate and synchronize efforts with the DoD EA for Cyber Test Ranges, and with other DoD Components. Recognizing in particular the criticality of the existing DoD Cyber Ranges to the establishment of a cyber training environment, the DoD EAs for Cyber Range Test and Training will develop a memorandum of agreement that ensures the apportionment of training assets, infrastructure, and range enhancements to meeting testing requirements on the designated cyber ranges.
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Deputy Secretary of Defense (DSD)
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Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (USD(P&R))
Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7
LTC Rubin Neypes;
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