Construction and Barrier Materiel (Class IV Supply)

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Construction and Barrier Materiel (Class IV Supply)
As the DoD Executive Agent, the Director, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is responsible for establishing a separate program element to execute DoD Executive Agent for Construction and Barrier Materiel responsibilities, including: planning for, procuring, managing, and supplying construction/barrier materiel required by the DoD Components; participating in the development and implementation of a joint planning tool for consolidating construction/barrier materiel requirements, in coordination with the CJCS; participating in the planning, development and implementation of joint processes to support total visibility of construction/barrier materiel requirements and assets throughout the entire supply chain; establishing a joint Class IV council, under the chairmanship of the DoD EA for Construction and Barrier Materiel, as a mechanism to coordinate and resolve construction/barrier materiel related issues; establishing strategic alliances as necessary with other Federal Agencies and commercial partners in support of requirements; and providing management information and reports as required to MilDeps and COCOMs so that they can monitor and improve their overall operations.
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DoD Executive Agent:
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (USD(A&S))
Troop Support, J3/5 Future Operations
LTC Corinne Bell, (215) 737-3464,
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